Because I love vaults and the things often kept in them.

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Look who’s got the best bookmark ?!

Someone please mass-produce these IMMEDIATELY. We really really need a Cumberbomb bookmark.

So, if this doesn’t encourage people to read more…

Here, have a template. Five Cumberbombs to a standard 8.5x11 sheet. 

Reblogging because they made a template.

A template!

Cumberbomb your books - your bookshelves will thank you.

Quick!  To the printer!

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Galdrakver (‘Little Book Of Magic’)

The ‘Little Book Of Magic’ is a seventeenth-century Icelandic manuscript, written on animal skin and containing magical staves, sigils, prayers, charms and related texts.

It is known to have once been owned by Icelandic Bishop Hannes Finnson who was alive from 1739 until 1796 and known for having a vast library containing many volumes of magic related texts and manuscripts.

Full manuscript here.

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Miniature Monday!

This week we are taking pocket dictionaries to a whole new level with these mini dictionaries from Leipzig.  These four functional little volumes were printed by C.G Röder probably sometime in the 20th century, and include translations from German to Latin, English to German, Spanish to German, and German to English.  Imagine—all that language in the palm of your hand!

Miniatur Wörterbuch (four volumes). C.G Röder (1,2,10) and M. Kötzel (5), Leipzig.  20th century.  Charlotte Smith Uncatalogued Miniatures.

-Laura H.

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Love these! We have some miniature dictionaries on display in our reading room right now.